August 15, 2006

RED ONE has higher resolution sensor than announced at NAB

On August 9th 2006 Jim Jannard said at dvxuser that the RED ONE camera's Mysterium sensor has a resoltuon of 4900x2580. This is up from the 4520x2540 that was announced at NAB 2006. Although at DV Info Jannard did say that the camera would be able to record only at 4520x2540 resolution, but he did say that he will have to down scale it from 5k to 4k so what's this mean? Anyway, he will have to downsize the image to 4k for projection at IBC, which is when he says he will show the video from the camera, unless "a major castastrophy happens".

Wow, 5k... I wonder how you're supposed to edit that? Or even display it? Will it even record at 5k? Jim wasn't very clear on the recording resolution.


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