September 07, 2006

JVC HDV HDD 3CCD camcorder announced.

I haven't writen anything in a while. Photokina was just too much for me. I'm guessing IBC won't be any better.

JVC announced a new addition to the Everio line of hard disk based camcorders. Their new camcorder records in full 1920x1080 but in interlaced scan. This will be JVC's first consumer HDV camcorder. This camera actually records at a higher resolution than their professional and prosumer camcorders, such as the GY-HD100U, GY HD110U and the GR-HD1, which record in 720p(this one records in 1080i). It is to be released spring of 2007. No word on hard disk space or recording times.

This camera was not announced at IBC.

Great move by JVC. Finally 4 years after developing the HDV format, after the competition nearly killed them do they release a high definition camera that is made for the consumer.


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