September 07, 2006

Two prosumer Sony camcorders and Vegas 7

Sony announced at IBC today, two prosumer camcorders and software for editing the video.

A higher end version of the HDR-FX1 of 2004, the FX7 records at the same resolution as the FX1: 1080i. It 3 CMOS sensors, rather than the 3CCD system that the FX1 uses. It has a more powerful zoom of 20x, compared to the 12x of the FX1. Sony decided not to include the CineFrame feature of the FX1, which was used to simulate the look of video shot at 24fps.

A 1080p HDV camcorder from Sony. The HVR-V1E records 1080p25 and 1080i50. It is actually European. As it's frame rates might suggest.

Vegas 7:
And lastly, Sony Vegas 7. Which features AVCHD editing, DVD-R DL support and 5.1 surround sound compatibility

Sony has yet to build an HD 24p prosumer camcorder. Maybe the will announce the HVR-V1U? If they do, it will most likely be 30p. Never the less, I can't wait to see footage from these cameras.

Extremely exciting RED info to come tomorrow!


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