August 27, 2006

Nikon Coolpix S10, S9, S7c L5 and L6

Nikon announced 5 new digital cameras. More info to come tomorrow.

More info on the 9 Olympus cameras announced recently too!

August 25, 2006

Canon announces 4 new digital cameras

Yesterday, Canon announced 4 new digital cameras. One DSLR and three fixed lens compact cameras. The new 10.1MP Digital Rebel XTi or EOS 400D, the 8MP PowerShot A630, the 10MP PowerShot A640 and the PowerShot A710 IS.

EOS 400D:

Canon's new EOS 400D, which has "leaked out" to the public a few days ago, is now confirmed by Canon. It features a 10.5 megapixel CMOS sensor(which produces 10.1 megapixels), self cleaning sensor with ultrasonic vibrations, EF-S lens compatibility, Digic II processor, anti-static sensor and a 2.5 inch LCD screen.

Canon's Digital Rebel XTi, is nearly identical to the Digital Rebel XT(350D). From the front it's pretty hard to tell them apart. But, Canon decided to get rid of the control LCD and use the main LCD for control information, thus giving more room for the main LCD. It can shoot at ISO 1600 just like the Digital Rebel XT. The Digital Rebel XT is 8.0 megapixels, so there is a 2 megapixel jump from the last generation.

PowerShot A630:

The PowerShot A630, the successor to the PowerShot A610(which only had five million) pixels has an 8.0 megapixel sensor, a 4x zoom, the ability to shoot at ISO 800, a 2.5 inch vari-angle LCD and a 1cm macro focusing feature. It's big brother is the A640.

PowerShot A640:

The PowerShot A640 is the super duper(resolution wise) PowerShot A-series digital camera. It features an incredible 10.0 megapixel sensor(wow). It is the successor to the largely popular PowerShot A620, which I recently bought(I should have waited). It is mainly the same as it's predecessor, except it's black, goes to ISO 800, has a 2.5 inch LCD and is 10 megapixel. It's little bro is the A630, which is pretty much the same except for the colour and the resolution.

PowerShot A710 IS:

The successor to the A700. The PowerShot A710 IS is a 7.1 megapixel digital camera with optical image stabilization. (more info to come; I'm a little busy now)

Overall Canon has made a big leap over the compotition. But let's just wait to see Fuji's Photokina cameras!

August 15, 2006

Canon HV10 has 1920x1080 CMOS sensor

On August 2nd 2006 Canon announced their first consumer high definition camera, the HV10. It has a full resolution 1920x1080 CMOS sensor, which is actually higher resolution than the XL H1, XH G1 and XH A1. The HV10 records in 1080i and not 1080p and not at the deinterlaced 30f or 24f of the prosumer Canon HDV cameras, as a matter of fact, it only records in 60i. The Canon HV10 features it's own built in noise reduction, due to the large ammounts of noise that CMOS camcorders send out.

1920x1080... To my knowledge, you'd need a CineAlta to match that resoltuion.

RED ONE has higher resolution sensor than announced at NAB

On August 9th 2006 Jim Jannard said at dvxuser that the RED ONE camera's Mysterium sensor has a resoltuon of 4900x2580. This is up from the 4520x2540 that was announced at NAB 2006. Although at DV Info Jannard did say that the camera would be able to record only at 4520x2540 resolution, but he did say that he will have to down scale it from 5k to 4k so what's this mean? Anyway, he will have to downsize the image to 4k for projection at IBC, which is when he says he will show the video from the camera, unless "a major castastrophy happens".

Wow, 5k... I wonder how you're supposed to edit that? Or even display it? Will it even record at 5k? Jim wasn't very clear on the recording resolution.