November 07, 2006

Canon XH A1 vs Sony HVR-V1U: My Debate

In July, Canon announced their new HDV camera which is the successor to the GL-2 and a slightly stripped down version of the XL H1, the main differneces from the XL H1 include the Professional Jack Pack (HD-SDI, Genlock and SMPTE Timecode output), the XL interchangeable lens system and the quadrophonic sound recording (Canon also announced the XH G1 at the same time, which features the Professional Jack Pack). The XH A1 features recording in 1080i60, 1080 30f and 1080 24f. 30f is virtualy 30p but different in format, as with 24f.

In September, Sony announced their HVR-V1U, which is also an HDV camera with very similar features. Only this camera can record true progressive 30p and 24p

More about the V1U and the XH A1 in my debate, which is coming tommorow. Although I do not own or have even used either of the cameras (the V1U isn't even out yet), I will compare the cameras. Seeing that I am not a very rich person, I will probably ask both companies to supply me with a camera for a review but not for a direct comparison (I don't want them mad at me). But I don't see that happening since this weblog is so small.


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