September 25, 2006

F31fd and S5 Pro from Fuji

Today, Fujifilm annouced two new digital cameras. The FinePix F31fd and the FinePix S3 Pro.

FinePix F31fd:
The F31fd is a minor update to the FinePix F30. Nearly everything is the same except for two minor updates: Infrared connectivity and face detection. No the camera cannot see infrared like the S3 Pro UVIR. But it does detect faces in the pictures. It goes all the way up to ISO 3200, just like the F30.

FinePix S5 Pro:
Likely due to the number 4 sounding like the word for death, there was no S4 Pro, as with a great deal of other Japanese, Chinese and Korean products. The S5 Pro has 12.34 million effective pixels. And no it cannot see infrared or ultra violet like the S3 Pro UVIR. I will have more information in later days.

If I had a DSLR, I'd want a camera from Fuji's F series to carry around with me all the time. I will have more info on the F31fd soon. I will also have info on some things that I missed. Such as the update to the Photoshop RAW and the update to FCP, also a few cameras too.


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