September 07, 2006

Disney digicams?

Disney announced 3 digital cameras and a camcorder, aimed at kids. It consists of a 3 megapixel Pix Max with a 1.5 inch LCD, a VGA Pix Click with a 1 inch LCD and a video out port, a CIF Pix Micro with an LCD only used for settings and status. The camcorder is the Princess Digital Movie Maker, a 640x480 camcorder that includes editing software.

Pix Max Digital Camera: $79.99
Princess Digital Movie Maker camcorder: $79.99
Pix Click Digital Camera: $49.99
Pix Micro camera: $19.99

I would say that kids would appreciate a 3MP digital camera more than a CIF camera. And parents would too if it's only $79, but $26 more would buy you a Fuji FinePix S3000. A Pix Micro is probably for any 3 year old photo enthusiast

This is a weird move for Disney. But they have made weird products in the past. This will probably make them a lot of money though.


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